Adrian Belina
“I am presently working with two friends from the IMM program. We own JAM3MEDIA, and with the combination of our god given talent and skills developed in the IMM program we have been creating fantastic sites that our clients have been very pleased with not to mention getting some recognition and awards on link and design sites.”



Aisa Chin
“Enrolling in the IMM program was one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. It was tough, fun, and rewarding all at the same time. What did I get out of it? Lifelong friends, an unforgettable year, and most importantly, a career in doing what I love doing.”



Amy Allcock
“The IMM program has been the perfect compliment to my Computer Science degree as it gave me the technical and design skills needed to create interactive media applications. I apply what I learned from the IMM program everyday as part of my job as an e-learning application developer at Queen’s University.”



Britta Jessen
“I am working at ING Direct as their Internet Content Coordinator and I work with a CMS to manage Web content. I also coordinate on projects with our IT department and our agency. The IMM program is relevant in areas such as HTML, Javascript, Photoshop/Illustrator, as well as an overall knowledge of Web technologies.”



Dave Guzda
“It is perhaps a greater compliment to the IMM Program that despite using different languages for server scripting an databases, I am still prepared to handle my tasks in my current position.”



David Neumann
“I work for GJP Advertising as a Creative Developer. I am part of a team that designs, develops, photographs, and films content for our clients on the Internet. I was exposed to many tools and techniques at Sheridan that I now use on a regular basis.”



Devendra Dayal

“The IMM program is interesting and involving… the pioneering class lets you break out of the mould, so to speak, and get wild with your imagination. You can do anything with video while playing around… the motion graphics and ActionScript classes can really get you moving… it is relevant because when you go to prospective employers, they see the “free expression” in your portfolio.”



Jacqueline Tong
“The IMM program has allowed me to be versatile and open minded towards the ever changing demand of the industry. The material in the course provides great foundation of the technology in Web development which allows me to adapt to other similar technology with ease. The program also provides great networking opportunities. Both classmates and Alumni from the program have become friends who are supportive in my career development as well as my personal well being. After graduating, I worked as an intern with the Ministry of Transportation then a developer at Dunedain Multimedia working on Flash data driven sites. Currently, I am employed by the Royal Ontario Museum for their web redesign project where I am responsible for re-branding and enhancing various online applications.”



Jennifer Mcdonald

“I am working at Manulife Financial within their e-Marketing department. I work on the content/design of their Internet and intranet sites as well as liaise with clients as per the content and usability required. My background in communications is useful when it comes to content management, but it is my post-grad in Interactive Multimedia which allows me to go a step further to make that content meaningful, interactive and highly accessible. The IMM program was challenging and insightful, with lots of help and guidance along the way. It has broadened my career choices as well as my understanding of what is possible for my future endeavors.”



Kai Kit Man
“I am in Hong Kong working in an all-in-one media company providing PR, print and online services. I work in the design team as Flash developer. I also develop Flash games and will most likely work for an online game portal company sooner or later. The IMM Program has great instructors; they gave us lots of room to be creative and provided the type of critiques I was looking for.”



Lauren Rigato
“IMM provided the technical skills and understanding required in the field. This solid background knowledge of programming languages and design requirements has enabled me to efficiently complete projects in my current position. This understanding also enables me to develop my skills in new areas, such as new languages and software. I am currently an Online Content Manager at MSN/Sympatico. This position requires HTML, Javascript, Flash design/scripting, Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft CMS. These skills I learned in the IMM program.”



Linda Mak
“I am working as Web designer doing Flash, CSS, HTML and Photoshop and Illustrator interface layouts. IMM is great! Get to know all your classmates as they will help you network and find jobs 😉 I found my job through another IMM grad who works here as well.”



Patty Ho
“I am currently working at Chum TV as a Web designer along with several other IMM grads. With the IMM training, I was upgraded from JUST a graphic designer to a WEB designer. I learned how to code and design. Everyone in the design industry is asking for Web skills such as HTML, Flash, etc. IMM gave me the foundation in these to open up my design horizon and help me meet market demand. It is awesome!”



Paul Ward
“Since leaving Sheridan I have moved to Ottawa and within two weeks I had a job working for Sprint (which was just bought by Rogers). So now I work for Rogers, as a full time Web developer. I have also done some freelance work for the Ontario Ministry of Education and individual clients. Without taking the IMM program, I would not have been so successful directly out of university. I learned so much in that one extra year at Sheridan, and I am glad that I did it.”



Perla Plazas

“As a newcomer to the country, training was a strategy I followed to introduced myself in the Canadian market. The reputation of the IMM Program has opened doors for me. This reputation is very well gained. The IMM program has knowledgeable teachers who lead you to the latest technologies in the multimedia field, as well as friendly learners from different backgrounds with keen interests in this field which enriched my learning experience.”



Rana Haddad
“I am working as a designer in a recognition company designing print brochures, Web pages, Flash animations as well as jewelry. We work with clients such as Sears, McDonalds, Shell, Petro-Canada, A&P, Safeway, etc. I still do some freelance work as well (currently working on a Web site for a radiology clinic in Montreal and a wedding Web site for a couple getting married in 2006). The IMM program is relevant in MANY ways. Program Management was very helpful in terms of freelance work. Everything else we learned is essential when doing any type of design work. Learning database skills with Flash has come in very handy and is an aspect that my co-workers find impressive. Overall, I am proud to say that I completed the IMM program.”



Richard Ballard
“After fifteen years as a hardware engineer I became less relevant to a world built on software. IMM helped me catch up with the cutting edge of user interface design. I’m still a geek, but now I’m a cool geek and I have skills that are not being outsourced to Asia. Thanks to IMM, my next job in Texas will pay ten times as much as typical engineers now expect.”



Ryan Andal
“I have nothing but good things to say about the IMM Program. Even as a student coming in with previous Flash programming and design experience, I found the course essential to my development as an interactive Web designer. Before taking the course I had very limited knowledge in several important aspects of Web design including PHP, MySQL and ActionScript 2.0, however now I find that I am offered a new job almost every week or two.”



Ryan Johnson
“I have just started at a new job at D3 Canada as a Flash developer. I was also working at a company called Ganz before that working as a Flash developer as well. Interactive Multimedia was very helpful and I am still using its resources as I continue to learn in the industry.”



Ryanne Bobbie
“I am currently working at VCR Active Media in Mississauga, Ontario. Our company profile includes duplication, post production, multimedia, DVD, web casting and streaming media services. The multimedia experts at this company are all Alumni from Sheridan College’s IMM Program!”



Tom Weznerowicz
“I work at Martron Inc. as a multimedia designer / developer. I would recommend the IMM program at Sheridan, I learned A LOT there, and it helped me get this type of job.”



Tremayne Marshall
“Sheridan Interactive Multimedia was a very fun, interesting and challenging program. I came into the program not knowing how to build Web sites or use Flash but now I can. I really liked the fact that things were done in a small class setting and the professors were able to build a one on one relationship with the students. Students in the class also developed relationships and I was able to learn from watching how they did things as well. Since taking the program, I have been asked to work on projects for people in Barbados while in Canada and I am currently working in the computer systems department for Scotiabank. I have also started an i-commerce business with a team of successful people and now have the confidence to tackle bigger personal projects. The IMM program is very intensive and in the end you learn a lot.”

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