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Japan visits Sheridan Interactive Multimedia class of 2012 – Pictures!

October 19, 2011


Japan Visits Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

The Osaka University of Electro Communications students of Gaming and Media came to visit Sheridan and are pictured below hanging out with the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Post Grad class of 2012.  We went on to show our Gesture technology – waiving our hands at the camera to control motion in the computer.  We showed how it was done and made working applications.

Japanese Falculty and Students Visit Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

March 13, 2008

Faculty and Design students from the Osaka University of Electro Communications in Japan are visiting the Sheridan Institute and came by the Interactive Multimedia labs for a Web Authoring class with Dan Zen.

Japan visit to Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

View all pictures (click the picture in the show for information)

As you can see in the pictures, we had a wonderful time sharing work and ideas of what to build with new interactive technologies. We showed work in Video Motion Capture to the same effect as a WII but with an average camera, mobile prototypes with QR codes, sound beat analysis, pixel analysis combined with physics engine work to create interactive mazes from a maze picture, works with 3D from PaperVision in Flash, Adobe AIR projects and much more!

Touch Screen - Japan visit to Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

QR Codes - Japan visit to Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

Japan visit to Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

Sheridan has exchanges with the University and it was neat to see that as the students passed by a mural of last year’s students, that they recognized two of the faces from our Japanese visit!

Thank you to all involved in organizing the exchange and the tour. It was a wonderful experience, sharing ideas and seeing how our cultures are overlapping. We certainly welcome opportunities for exchange and of course encourage international students to consider our program –

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