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Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Visual Tour

July 2, 2011

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Visual Tour
We used this picture as a visual tour for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario to show them some of the works of our students.

For the presentation, we used a Flash AIR app called OrbitZoom (By Professor Dan Zen) to show the picture.  Being an AIR app, it works on the desktop as an image viewer or can easily be converted to mobile as AIR is on or can be published to iOS, Blackberry Playbook and future Blackberries, and Android devices.  There is a Web version CLICK HERE  Click the picture zoom and click the picture to stop zooming.  Press A for actual size – pan around by dragging.  Double click to return to full picture.

The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad program is accepting applications for this September.  Please see our site at


Sheridan Represents Educators at FlashinTO (FITO is the Largest Flash User Group) Panel

May 2, 2008

FlashinTO - FITO - Flash in TO - Toronto Flash User Group

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Professor, Dan Zen, joined Simon Conlin (sherpa & consultant), Ryan Andal (agency technical), Nick Stupa (recent grad), Ryan Wolman (agency design) as an educational representative at the FlashinTO user group panel talk about the state of the new media industry.

The talk was moderated by James Eberhardt (Mobile Guru) who asked questions such as our thoughts of the recent FITC festival…, what skill sets are missing or in demand in the industry…, what keeps you going… etc. These questions and many others from the attentive audience led to animated discussion lasting almost two hours without lull. Cheers to all for such a fun-filled and informative evening.

Dan Zen articulated his vision of education that being to help make Canada and indeed all of us more innovative where graduates possess the latest techniques and have created content that is relevant to these techniques. Examples are learnings and projects in video motion cursor work (like the Wii), sound frequency analysis, interactive walls and mobile work with the latest applications like Adobe CS3 with AS3, AIR, etc. When the grads go into industry, it helps rejuivinate and push the industry culturally.

Dan Zen also concluded the talks with a message that should go out to us all no matter what our area of expertise. The environment. We hold in our hands the tools of the media, commerce and culture. They can be used in many ways from a subtle refocusing of consumerism to outright activism.

FITO or FlashinTO is the Toronto Flash User Group which has been said to be the largest in the world with thousands of members. The group meets on the last Wednesday of each month at Element156 – Digital Media Center 156 Augusta Avenue. (Just North of Dundas, Just West of Spadina). If you are interested, please come on out!

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