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FITC Wearables 2014

November 15, 2014

Had a great time at FITC Wearables 2014 – congrats to Shawn and crew.  It was good seeing old friend Computer Steve (Mann) who was doing the keynote.  Also nice to meet Dr. Helen Papagiannis, Sheridan IMM (2001) who did a great job co-hosting the conference in digital dress (a MeU.  Professor, Dan Zen, was there wearing Hangy trying to convince everyone they can just wear their current devices.  Got to try the Muse and meet Kate Hartman.  Loved seeing the Myo in action.  It was great to see a bunch of IMM grads in attendance at displaying projects such as the award winning Sleepy Hollow Oculus Rift feature by Ryan Andal (IMM 2003) at Secret Location.  IMM 2001 grad Matt Fabb also worked on that project.  Our current students were out volunteering and connecting.

WordCamp Toronto Open Source Festival May 8-10

May 5, 2009

WordCamp was a success and a surprise.  I expected more coders for some reason and what we had was primarily marketing.  This makes sense as it became abundantly clear that we have moved into the realm of using social media to get people involved with our brands.  There were all sorts of examples given and tips on how to act.  These primarily were – be honest and get involved yourself. – official site with a short summary video – flickr group for pics

Here is an excerpt from the Dan Zen talk discussing Blogs content:


Original Post:

The Toronto WordCamp is May 8-10th and you can get your tickets for $50 – amazing price… $35 for students and $185 group rate for up to 7 employees.

WordPress is the most popular Web content admin system famous for its bloggers and open source community.  This blog is a WordPress blog ;-)

Sounds like a great event to get our students and friends out to and you can’t beat the price.  As a matter of fact… if we can we should try and sponsor the event.  I have put in a request to marketing and we will see what happens.

Hope to see you there – leave a comment if you and a group are coming.  Oh… I am giving a talk there from a content creator standpoint at least.

Dan – 09

Adrian Belina from Jam3 Media Gives Talk to Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

March 14, 2009

Adrian Belina from Jam 3 Visits IMM

Adrian Belina from the award winning Jam 3 Media at came in to give a talk on Motion Graphics to the students of the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad program.  Adrian is a co-founder of Jam 3 along with Mark McQuillan and Pablo Vio.  All three graduated the same year from Sheridan Interactive Multimedia and have gone on to form their own company in Liberty Village in Toronto.

It was great to see the motion graphics tips and tricks they use to add value to their client work.  Adrian gave a two hour talk and answer period that really solidified the learning the students have been doing in the Motion Graphics course.  We thank Adrian for his time and care to give back to educate the new generation of students.

Inventor Professor Dan Zen with Co-founder Adrian Belina from Jam 3

Professor Dan Zen with Co-founder Adrian Belina from Jam 3


Dan Zen Gives Talk at PHUG on Chat for Designers and Animating to Sound in Flash

January 22, 2009


PHUG at is an open source community group based out of Toronto and guided by Brendan Sera-Shriar.  Brendan and folks are very passionate about the open source community and provide workshops, contests, organize conferences, etc. to help the cause.  Please have a look at their site and subscribe to their RSS.

Professor Dan Zen of Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia Program in Oakville, Ontario, Canada presented a double presentation on Chat for Designers and Animating to Sound Frequencies or Waves in Flash.    The PHUG post can be read here:

Dan Zen would like to thank the 40 odd people who came out, many of whom chatted afterwards to help share knowledge of stories they are working on, VJ tools, etc.  They were a very warm and welcoming crowd.

Have a look at the code section of our blog to find some of the code discussed.


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