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Flash CS4 Animation Tutorials – Motion Editor, Inverse Kinematics IK Bones, 3D

February 23, 2009



Please come see the Flash CS4 tutorials featuring animation with the MotionEditor, Inverse Kinematics (IK Bone tool) and work with the new 3D or x,y and z properties.    The tutorials can be found at:



It is fun working with the IK Bone tool – I did a little spaceman for an in-class example.  You can move the parts like a doll.  It uses code to adjust the helmet with respect to the angle of motion of the body.  You can use the figures to animate or you can let the user move the figures.  In this second setting, you can also use code to move parts – that is very tricky and still being worked out a bit in this early version of the feature.

Dan Zen


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Teaches Adobe CS4 in 2009

January 3, 2009
Adobe Creative Suite 4

Adobe Creative Suite 4

As is the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia tradition, we teach the latest software even if that means switching in the middle of a school year.  Our Interactive Multimedia students will be learning Adobe CS4 in the second term starting January.

This gives our graduates an advantage in the industry and also helps industry keep trained and fresh.  We also have the students create tutorials on the new technology.  These tutorials have received thousands of views and have been a helpful resource – Dan Zen

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia is currently accepting applications for September 2009.  Please visit our site for more information:

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