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Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012

April 20, 2012

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia invites you to their Open House 2012

// Tuesday May 1, 2012
// 4PM – 7PM
// Studio Huddle
// 97 Niagara Street, Toronto

Come see the latest in Mobile, HTML5, Flash AIR, Augmented Reality, 3D and more!

Our Post-grad Graduates would like you to meet them and view their portfolios.
Partake in refreshments and mingle with the Interactive Industry.
Please bring colleagues and you are encouraged to pass along the invite.

See you there!

Dan Zen & IMM Crew.

Professor & Coordinator
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Canadian New Media Educator of the Year 2008

PS – portfolios currently online are still being completed.

Brain Controlled Artificial Intelligent Mobile Remote Virtual Reality Accessories!

January 7, 2012

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia has a multimedia pioneering course that we have been running for almost 10 years.  It certainly has been exciting keeping up with the near future for so many years.  Some highlights for guest speakers have been: Bill Buxton, David Rokeby, Steve Mann, Vincent Jon Vincent, and dozens more.

We make sure the students build prototypes in technologies like multiuser, gesture tech, mediated reality (augmented and diminished).  We have prototyped tilt and multitouch for years – now these have moved into regular curriculum.

For the last few years we have also run club projects where groups run a club for various technologies.  For instance, last year we had Holograms, Reality Gaming, Ardino, Shape Recognition and Voice Recognition clubs.  The year before that was Wands, Second Life, Augmented Reality, iPhone, and 3D Vision.

This year the clubs were as follows with links to Blogs the students made for each topic:

Above, Professor Dan Zen tries out a Brain Controlled Game

IMM Students control a paper shredder from their mobile device

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Students’ Fist-Bump App a Success at FITC Conference

May 6, 2011

The Sheridan IMM Fist-bump booth at FITC 2011 - Scan Screen

FITC, one of the largest and longest running design and technology conferences in the world, had its 10th anniversary and the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia students provided an installation piece using Flash and FLAR (Augmented Reality) connected up to Facebook for a social media connection.

The installation let visitors digitally fist-bump each other (10 year anniversary) with the winner being the person with the most fist bumps.  The process was to first find out who they were by scanning a FLAR marker on their conference badge then to capture their face for a customizable avatar.  At this point they could also connect their marker to their Facebook account.  On a big screen, they scanned again to fist-bump a challenger who had followed the same process.  Big fists did the bumping, the totals were tallied and the winner was presented along with the custom avatars.  It was always a laugh seeing people’s avatars.  Your bump partner’s contact info was then sent off to Facebook.

Visitors at the Fist-bump installation + custom avatars

Animated fists doing the bumping - 10 fingers!

Overall there were about 400 unique fist-bumpers and lots of smiles and contacts made.  Congrats to the group for their hard work: Abeiene Nejar, Antonio Carito, Cherry Argana, Darren Neville, Jacky Kam, Joanna Ong, Justin Howlett, Tyler Lindo and Tyson Leslie.  The students explored a wide range of advanced interactive technologies such as augmented reality, face recognition, social media API’s, as well as traditional work with coding, motion graphics and database work.

Some of the members of the Sheridan IMM Fist-bump Team

If you would like to talk to the students or find out more about the project and program, please note we are having an open house on Friday, May 13 – click SUPERSTITION to find out more.  Thanks to Shawn Pucknel at FITC for providing the students with such a great opportunity.


Creating Mobile Games and Apps a Reality for Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

February 28, 2011

After ten years of prototyping mobile apps… WAP (2001), Flash Lite Apps for PDA’s (2005) , tilt emulators (2008), etc. we finally have games and apps running on real mobile devices at Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one-year post grad program.

We had a few running second term last year but now all the students have them on iOS, Android with Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberry just around the corner.  In class we have a dozen iPhone, iPod Touc, iPads, Android ViewSonic and Samsung Galaxy devices.  The students have apps up and running on the devices primarily through using the Adobe Flash / AIR packagers for iOS and Android which lets them build once and publish across many devices.  We have a quick look at the native iOS apps as well and some of the students have done personal project work in this area.

Tyson Leslie's Punch Driven Android App

The tools and techniques to prepare apps for mobile devices are still in their early stages often requiring a dozen steps with installs and command lines, etc.  to run emulators, handle signing, etc.  We have been working through these steps in our second term Multimedia Pioneering course and some of the notes and discussion can be found on our Flash to Mobile Facebook group which is open to everybody to join.  The skills to build the applications in general are embedded in our other courses from Web Authoring, Motion Graphics, Web Design and Application Development where Web based apps are also looked at.

William Chong's DumbBots

The response from the students when seeing their apps on actual devices was so exciting.  Here are a few blog posts of the experience – certainly not all roses but that’s what happens when you pioneer technology.

Will –
Greetings Pioneers! Let’s continue the MOBILE-STREAK!

Joanna –
At last, I finally got some of my flash applications into the iphone! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the start of the term!!

Antonio –
I can now put my apps on Android devices!

There were many more and we look forward to presenting the apps at our Open House in April or May – stay tuned!


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Visits GestureTek to view Multitouch Tables and Motion Interface Systems

February 7, 2009


We had another great visit to GestureTek in Toronto where Vincent Jon Vincent showed us around the gesture control systems – like Minority Report and the multitouch tables.

A couple groups of students are making applications to run on the GestureTek systems for the upcoming Ontario Premier Awards as part of their combined Multimedia Pioneering / Client Project curriculum.

Please visit our IMM Facebook page for more pictures.


Working on Tilt for Mobile Devices

November 27, 2008
Tilt Emulator for Mobile

Tilt Emulator for Mobile Devices

We are working on Tilt and Translation games and applications for mobile devices this year.  The project ideas are really cool and we look forward to showing them a the Spring Open House.

More information can be found here: and a video of the emulator in action can be seen here:  Video: Tilt Emulator for Mobile Devices.  The emulator was built with PaperVision3D and AIR to leave XML as to tilt and translation information.  These technologies are also explored in our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad program.

For more information about the program please visit or our facebook page at


Video Motion Input Prototypes to be Shown at Canadian New Media Awards

May 9, 2007

The video motion cursor work of our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia grads will be shown at the Canadian New Media Awards in Toronto at the Carlu on May 28, 2007.

The video motion cursor class which turns video motion in a Web cam into cursor movement was written by professor Dan Zen in Flash AS2.0 It turns successive frames of the video into bitmaps and then uses the difference filter with the aid of blurring to reduce video noise, thresholding to one color and drawing a rectangle around that color to capture the area of motion. A cursor is then placed at the top middle of the rectangle when central motion is detected and at the top outer edges of the rectangle when peripheral motion is detected. This placement is adjusted proportionally to accommodate arm and hand motion and place the cursor at the finger.

The students have used the VideoMotion class to create a variety of pioneering prototypes in motion input multimedia. Examples are:

  • Running from a swarm of bees that follow you
  • Waving the hand to play notes on a music staff
  • Controlling a magic wand to spring effects out of a hat
  • Using your lips to activate a translation e-learning application
  • Jumping to knock coins into a box in a Mario game
  • Flying a butterfly through a magical land
  • Simulating fire and wind to fly hot air balloons

Special thanks to FITC and Grant Skinner for techniques probably around since our founder David Rokeby and who knows before that…

An introduction sample the video motion cursor class in action can be seen on this sample page. Please leave a comment on this post if you would like access to the Flash VideoMotion class.


Click for Sample Video Motion Demonstration sample by Dan Zen.

Wayne MacPhail on Web 2.0 and Second Life

February 20, 2007


Wayne MacPhail from W8NC came in to our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia lab and gave an fantastic overview of Web 2.0 Applications discussing primarily the social aspects surrounding tagging, RSS, bookmarks, etc. He also showed his work in Second Life, the virtual world. Below you will find Blog entries from the students about the talk and the topic.

Interactive Interactive 2007 Photos

February 12, 2007

Interactive Interactive

Interactive Interactive was a success – please view the pictures here: along with captions and summaries of the features. McMaster and Sheridan students showed multimedia on futuristic SMART boards at the Hamilton Artists Inc.

A big thanks to all who helped out: Bob and Mark, our tech guys; students – Anthony, Alisa and Jeff for setting up; Doug and Ian from the Inc.; the Inc. Board Members for their support; Andrew McTavish at Mac; Natalia, Eric and Lori for taking videos and pictures; of course, all the students for their excellent work; friends, family, industry and public for braving the cold!

This year’s show was a bit different than previous years in that the Sheridan work was controlled by waving at a $10 Web cam. The motion was directly captured by a Flash swf file and used for interactivity. The features are from our Multimedia Pioneering prototype projects and will be displayed again at our Sheridan IMM spring Open House.

All the best,

Dan Zen

Professor, Coordinator of Curriculum, Industry Liaison,
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Canadian New Media Awards Winner 2002

Applications to our Program are currently being accepted

Visualization Design Institute Hosts Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Students

November 7, 2006

Sheridan Visual Design Institute Interactive Multimedia Pioneering

The Sheridan Multimedia Pioneering students visited our Visualization Design Institute where data is visualized using programming, game engines, etc. We also toured the immersion studio where an interactive movie was shown.

Here are pictures of the Visualization Design Institute visit. And below are blog entries on the topic:

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