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Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012

April 20, 2012

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2012

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia invites you to their Open House 2012

// Tuesday May 1, 2012
// 4PM – 7PM
// Studio Huddle
// 97 Niagara Street, Toronto

Come see the latest in Mobile, HTML5, Flash AIR, Augmented Reality, 3D and more!

Our Post-grad Graduates would like you to meet them and view their portfolios.
Partake in refreshments and mingle with the Interactive Industry.
Please bring colleagues and you are encouraged to pass along the invite.

See you there!

Dan Zen & IMM Crew.

Professor & Coordinator
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Canadian New Media Educator of the Year 2008

PS – portfolios currently online are still being completed.

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Embarks on the Fall Tour Interactive (via Oddly & Folks)

October 20, 2011

Fall Tour Interactive Well… it was another great studio tour to many interactive agencies in Toronto.  The class joined a couple hundred others to spend a day visiting studios and talking with representatives about our industry – an invaluable experience.  Thank you very much to the organizers, volunteers and studios!

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Grad Update – Cam at Disney, Club Penguin

February 19, 2011

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Grad at Disney Club Penguin

Just sent off a little “hello, what’s up – any news for a grad-update blog post?” message to Cam Warnock, IMM 2006 and here a response that is always nice to get 😉

Hey Dan,

Well the last little while has been really busy. My wife and I just moved to Kelowna, BC after I got a position at Disney Online Studios. I’m an AS3 programmer on their Club Penguin product. Club Penguin is a MMO for kids where you create your own penguin and and then proceed to play games, chat, complete quests, take care of pets, etc.. It’s a really great gig! You can find out more at

Before that I had been going full tilt on developing iPhone apps at Indusblue. I was the lead programmer on apps for CTV, Rogers, MTV, Much Music and CityNews. It was a really hectic year, but I gained a lot experience wise.

Here are some links for the apps I’ve worked on;

CTV Olympics – ctv_olympics/
Rogers Cup –
MTV 10 Spot –
Much Concerts –

Hope all is well. How’s program going these days?


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia IMM Grad on CTV Olympics Mobile App

We love to hear from grads so send me an e-mail or facebook message anytime!



JAM3MEDIA Wins Best in Show (Waterlife), a Gold and a couple Bronzes at the Digital Marketing Awards and an ADCC Award for Happy Planet Shot

November 16, 2009


JAM3MEDIA have done it again winning Best in Show for the National Film Board’s Waterlife site, Golds and a couple Bronzes at the Digital Marketing Awards and an ADCC award for Happy Planet Shots.  Have a look at their blog for what they’ve been up to –


JAM3MEDIA was created by Adrian, Mark and Pablo, grads of the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia.  Dennis, Salpy, and Nick are also IMM grads at Jam 3 – excellent talent!


Our focus is delivering incredible interactive work by combining the interactive directors, motionographers and sound designers with Jam3media’s elite team of developers and designers. The excitement is palpable, since the worlds of commercial and interactive production are set on a collision course set to be dominated by creative teams that will harmonize two formerly distinct industries into one.

Digital Marketing awards
Innovation, excellence, leadership. It’s what the Digital Marketing Awards are all about. Produced by Marketing magazine, the DMA’s represent the best of interactive marketing in Canada. The Awards are judged exclusively by the industry with the mandate to inspire many but reward few. Those few are chosen for their creativity and for leveraging the interactive environment to its full potential.

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada is a non-profit, non-political group dedicated to encouraging excellence in Canadian advertising and design. The Club’s overall goals are simply these: to inspire creativity, to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, to forge a sense of community and integrity among advertising and design professionals.

Interactive Multimedia Graduates Create Sites of Cultural and Economic Significance

September 1, 2008


Cam Warnock, graduate from the 2006 Sheridan Interactive Multimedia site constructed the Canadian Trail map with the Indus Blue team for the CBC Olympic Website.  The feature allows viewers to pinpoint and contact Olympic athletes across Canada filtered by performance date and sport:


Adrain Belina, Pablo Vio and Mark McQuillan from the 2003 Sheridan Interactive Multimedia class started a company called Jam3 which has grown and has a great reputation for exciting work.  They created the Pontiac G8 mini site featuring 3D work and video transition interface:

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Prepares for Adobe CS3 in September

August 20, 2007

The new IMM year is on its way.

Judging from our Alumni newsletter where we have compiled messages from our Interactive Multimedia grads, they have indeed been interactive with great jobs, vacations and families! Congratulations.


facebook community also extends communication amongst grads


We have had many companies asking for grads and in some cases we are hearing grumbles of not enough Flash developers, etc. And we are still accepting applications for this year! So now is your chance, if you are looking for an action packed, rewarding eight months to gain multimedia skills or update certain ones, please consider our program. We will be teaching Adobe CS3 with ActionScript 3 guaranteed for at least 3 years ;-). Of course our curriculum is set up to be platform independent but still it is nice to know that you are learning in a brand new environment.

Our program has so much to offer. We have dedicated, caring Professors – award winning in our industry and award winning grads. Our learning environment has resulted in amongst the highest KPI scores in the school (a way to measure student satisfaction). We encourage creativity and self expression. Students learn the skills but also explore why to use them and prepare for the future with pioneering mobile and gesture technologies. Our success in industry placement keeps growing and aiding future job placements. And graduates come out of the program with life long friends who have shared a challenging and wonderful experience.

To find out more about our program visit:


Over the summer our Professors keep active. Dan Zen has visited China where he taught lesson at CAFA, China’s leading art school in Beijing. His lessons inspired new graduate projects in the areas of gesture interactivity in Flash and brought them practical tools for lip synching animations, mixing and affecting video etc.

CAFA Class with Dan Zen at Presentation of Dan Zen Work

Dan Zen presents and lectures at CAFA in Beijing China


Dan Zen has also been working on a facebook application that takes all your friends and puts them in a party. The friends move around rooms with customizable backgrounds, talk to one another and have popularities. The application is slated to launch in September and is a Flash based visualization application integrated with the facebook application API. The Flash prototype front-end can be seen by clicking on the picture below – the data is sample data only.

party facebook application

upcoming facebook application


In preparing for CS3, of course he is reading Colin Moock’s ActionScript 3 book and has been building a sound and video visualization tool over the holidays that makes use of AS3’s native ability to capture sound frequencies! Finally! AS3 has a new architecture and runtime engine that allows it to run 10 times faster. And its Classes have been reorganized to split up the traditional MovieClip. To accomodate the changes, a more in-depth look at Object Oriented practices with Classes will be taught at the start of the school year rather than part way through the year.

Awards and Jobs, Jobs and Awards for Sheridan Grads

May 29, 2007


Sheridan Graduate, Ryan Andal, Accepts CNMA Award

Ryan Andal, Sheridan Interactive Multimedia 2005, won the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year for sites like Evan Jones (2003) and team at Xenophile won for Excellence in Cross Platform for ReGenisis. Congratulations to both grads.


We had several runner-ups as well such as Corby Simpson for Programmer and Mark Shu and team at MGT Communications for the Bata Shoe Museum’s site for Excellence in Culture, Lifestyle Arts. MGT has just hired another of our grads and indeed the recent grads have been getting great positions at places like Dashboard working with clients like Axe, etc.


Now in their 7th year, the Canadian New Media Awards continues to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and companies in the Canadian new media industry. At the show was a wonderful mix of artists, designers, educators, coders, business and marketing representatives, etc. It was a very friendly atmosphere prompted in part by the Nerds Night Out theme. There was even a whole table full of penny candies with little take out baskets. Cameras were flashing all around – it was a perfect gala event in the luxurious Art Deco Karlu!

Sheridan was proud to present our work with Video Motion Capture. The exciting grad work (see our Interactive Interactive post) was shown by volunteers, Jeff Talon and Kim Cullion – thank you! And a special feature was created by Professor Dan Zen (Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002) to show digital Nerd signs above the guests as they walked by the Web cam. This was then projected so their nerd status was clearly seen by all at the reception.


Our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad college program in Oakville, Canada has a mandate to train designers, programmers and managers in all three of these disciplines with an overall push towards creativity in the little understood area of interactive content. Skills are learned to handle graphics, text, animation, audio and video using leading and most current software. We will be using Adobe CS3 and ActionScript 3.0. Data for communication is handled with different databases and server languages like SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and C# in .NET. We also explore emerging technologies like mobile, DVD, video as input and interactive walls.

We are currently accepting applicants for the September term – please pass along this post to all whom may be interested.

Interactive Media Grads Get Culturally Relevant Jobs

May 10, 2006

Over 20,000 people are employed full-time in Canada’s new media industry. The industry generates over two Billion Dollars in revenue per year. Eighty percent of the work generated is considered culturally relevant according to the a recent Canadian Interactive Media Producers’ Survey by Delvinia.

Despite the strength of the industry, the number of applications to interactive media programs has declined over the past few years. If this trend continues Canada will face a shortage of skilled professionals in the digital media field.

The Sheridan one-year post-grad Interactive Multimedia Program provides excellent training for developers and designers who want to create interactive environments with the Adobe / Macromedia suite, server scripting and more. Graduate testimonials, sample work, curriculum and application information can be found at:

Graduate success stories:

I am working at CBC as a Flash Developer making games for their kids and pre-school sites at and The Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan taught me how to be creative and use my imagination. Combining these skills with my technical knowledge, I am able to build fun, educational applications on the Internet for people to use. Making these applications for children and knowing the work that I am creating has a positive effect on them is very rewarding.

I am working at CHUM TV as web designer. I design event, show, promo sites and microsite for CHUM. The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program provided the skills for different aspect of Web development from coding to design. This is important because in a design position, we work with developers and sometimes we are the developer. The skills that we learned give us the opportunity to go beyond design when we need to. Working with me at CHUM are three other Sheridan grads doing development and design – a testament to the quality of the grads and the program.

I work at the Royal Ontario Museum as a Web Programmer. With all the remarkable changes going on at the ROM, we are updating the Web site and consolidating our dynamic components to meet the need of our Museum staff, clients and visitors. I am currently creating event calendars, enrollment systems and surveys for the Museum and Web site. Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia program provided me with a competitive edge in the marketplace to obtain this position. Sheridan’s learning environment is fun and productive and its diverse material has given me the knowledge to solve both design and programming related problems.

If you are interested in our program, please contact us at or visit for more information.

Dan Zen
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Professor & Industry Liaison
Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002

Jobs for Interactive Grads

May 30, 2004

Thirty graduates of Interactive Multimedia hope to make a difference in the industry. This year’s graduates have already found placements at the Royal Ontario Museum and a variety of multimedia agencies. A group of grads have also completed a series of games for the Canadian Football League.

“We keep in close contact with graduates of Interactive Multimedia” explains Andrew Smyk, Professor, “and found that over 90% of last year’s grads have jobs in their field including multiple positions at CHUM New Media; positions at Dunendain, who have done work for the Lord of the Rings; Trapeze Media – Canada’s cool media company for example; and some have started their own companies.”

“It is important to realize that there are highly skilled and sought-after positions in the new media field that require the current skills that industry recognizes are found in Sheridan graduates.” states Lenore Edmunds, Associate Dean. “Students also have the experience of live client projects throughout the year”.

Please contact for information on how to hire graduates.

The Sheridan one year post-grad Interactive Multimedia program provides courses in Web and Disc authoring and design using primarily Macromedia and Adobe software. They combine programming and design to make Web applications and tools; games and puzzles; artistic and experimental work; and simulations for education and entertainment. Graduates can do everything from audio visual and motion graphics to database communications and multi-user applications.

Applications will be accepted until the end of the summer. Successful applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please contact or visit for information on how to apply to this exciting Program in this ever-changing field.

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