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Wayne MacPhail on Web 2.0 and Second Life

February 20, 2007


Wayne MacPhail from W8NC came in to our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia lab and gave an fantastic overview of Web 2.0 Applications discussing primarily the social aspects surrounding tagging, RSS, bookmarks, etc. He also showed his work in Second Life, the virtual world. Below you will find Blog entries from the students about the talk and the topic.

Visualization Design Institute Hosts Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Students

November 7, 2006

Sheridan Visual Design Institute Interactive Multimedia Pioneering

The Sheridan Multimedia Pioneering students visited our Visualization Design Institute where data is visualized using programming, game engines, etc. We also toured the immersion studio where an interactive movie was shown.

Here are pictures of the Visualization Design Institute visit. And below are blog entries on the topic:

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Visits Gesture Tek

November 7, 2006

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Gesture Tek

The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Class of 2007 had a visit to Gesture Tek in Toronto where they make gesture based technologies and content. The various technologies allow you to point, wave, step, or move your whole body as an interface to the computer.

Here are Pictures of the Gesture Tek visit. And blog entries are here:

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