Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House Pictures!


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia - SUPERSTITION Theme

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House was a success with many happy people making great comments about the work – congratulations graduates!  A number of industry were there looking to hire and it was also nice to see future students getting an idea of what is in store.

The complete set can be found on facebook and on Flickr.  If you were there, please come in and tag yourself on facebook!  There was a sheet with all the URLs of the grads – let me know and I can find it for you.

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia - Gesture Tek Samples

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia - Class of 2011 in Part

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2 Responses to “Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House Pictures!”

  1. Rick Mason Says:

    So sorry I didn’t make it out to see everyone’s work. Was really looking forward to it. Hope the show went well!

  2. Dan Zen Says:

    Missed you Rick! But know you’ve been busy with NXNE! Good seeing you the other night for the excellent FITO panel on education in digital media. It was fun being on the Educator panel – helped solidify thoughts. And good to hear the Student and Industry panels on the topic too.

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