WordCamp Toronto Open Source Festival May 8-10


WordCamp was a success and a surprise.  I expected more coders for some reason and what we had was primarily marketing.  This makes sense as it became abundantly clear that we have moved into the realm of using social media to get people involved with our brands.  There were all sorts of examples given and tips on how to act.  These primarily were – be honest and get involved yourself.

http://phug.ca/wordcamptoronto/ – official site with a short summary video

http://www.flickr.com/groups/wct2009/pool/ – flickr group for pics

Here is an excerpt from the Dan Zen talk discussing Blogs content:


Original Post:

The Toronto WordCamp is May 8-10th and you can get your tickets for $50 – amazing price… $35 for students and $185 group rate for up to 7 employees.


WordPress is the most popular Web content admin system famous for its bloggers and open source community.  This blog is a WordPress blog ;-)

Sounds like a great event to get our students and friends out to and you can’t beat the price.  As a matter of fact… if we can we should try and sponsor the event.  I have put in a request to marketing and we will see what happens.

Hope to see you there – leave a comment if you and a group are coming.  Oh… I am giving a talk there from a content creator standpoint at least.

Dan – 09


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