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Sheridan Bloggers

Inventor and Professor Dan Zen gave a talk a the Sheridan Make it So conference about blogging to increase awareness and in particular the unofficial Sheridan Bloggers site created to aggregate blogs from Sheridan grads, students, faculty and staff.

Below is an excerpt from the Dan Zen blog about blogging which he used at the talk as an introduction to why and how we blog. The full room of faculty and staff found the topic very exciting, asked many observant questions and hopefully left the room convinced of the power of blogging.

Dan Zen would like to encourage people to blog and perhaps more generally to create content.

A blog for Dan Zen is a meta view of content. The games, gadgets, tools, art, etc. content exist and the blog is an organized way to provide information about the content. This frees the content from verbosity – which is handy when your features have embedded or hidden interface. Blogs help features remain simple. If you have a product or service site – then keep it simple with just the facts. Then blog about your product or service in a free and more relaxed voice.

Blogs with their RSS or Atom feeds are the new newsletter – the new press release. Subscription is standardized across many free readers including traditional e-mail clients. Nothing is lacking in infrastructure – if you do not have a reader then please find one or set one up – google reader, Thunderbird (down there in the news and blogs folder) and subscribe to this blog via the entries feed link at the bottom – and join the millions who get their news and updates this way and will not go back.

Blogs have excellent search engine placement due primarily to their title being placed in their URL as well as their network of “Blogrolls” or links. Dan Zen has become the number one psychedelic dancer in the world (according to Google) through blog placements.

Blog posts are portable. For example, the content of the Dan Zen facebook page comes from blogs. Post once, display many places. And writers or editors can create and update their own posts without delay because blogs have easy content management systems built for anyone. You do not need a Web team for maintenance and your site is less likely to get stale. Oh… they are free even for many gigs of space.

Here is the introduction to the unofficial Sheridan Bloggers site and it is hoped that Professors will create blogs for their programs and encourage students to also blog in their discipline and have these blogs added to the Sheridan Bloggers site.

Sheridan Institute in Oakville, Ontario, Canada is the second largest art school in North America. The college boasts many creative and forward thinking individuals and here we see their views and ideas through an aggregate of their blog posts.

There is also a facebook Sheridan Bloggers page that acts as a gateway to the site from within facebook. The page also brings in feeds from the Sheridan Bloggers site.

If you are an alumni, current student, faculty or staff at Sheridan and you have a blog – personal or industry… please post your blog URL and RSS or ATOM feed link in the JOIN section of the site.



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