Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2008 Pictures!


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2008 Pictures

Our Open House went very well at Cossette Communications in Toronto. Thank you Cossette for your hospitality, you have a beautiful building and are very friendly folk.

Thank you to all our visitors and remote supporters who could not make it. There are pictures posted on flickr and facebook here:

Flickr pictures – note the slideshow link at top
Facebook gallery 1 – please tag yourself
Facebook gallery 2 – please tag yourself

Please leave a comment or a tagging!

Thank you for all the hard work of the grads, the planning committee (Erin, Sunil, Carlos, Kristen and Adrian), administration, IT and the professors (particularly Andrew Smyk for arranging the van and yummy food) for their work. We appreciate the recommendation of the students and our Program Advisory Committee – particularly Shawn Pucknell to hold the Open House in Toronto and would like to recognize Gillian Chubb and the Web Design program for their further advice and friendship throughout the year.

Here is a link to the student portfolios:

Interactive Multimedia 2008 Portfolios

Interactive Multimedia 2008 Portfolios

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Yours truly

Dan Zen

Professor & Industry Liaison
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002

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    Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House 2008 Pictures! | Interactive Multimedia

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