Interactive Multimedia Open House



Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Open House


:: locate ::
Cossette Communication Group
502 King Street West, Toronto

:: rendezvous ::
Time(3PM – 7PM) Date(April 17, 2008)

:: detail ::
Attendance is mandatory for all agents of interactivity.
Open to public so please come in civilian dress.
Energy will be provided.

:: expect ::
ActionScript 3
Adobe AIR
PaperVision 3D
Sound Spectrum Analysis
Motion Capture Interface
QR Codes & Mobile Apps
Broadcast Motion Graphics
Flash Media Server
Data Comm C# PHP
Web Design & Project Management
Resourcefulness & Resolve

:: signoff ::
Team Leaders:
Andrew Smyk | Dan Zen | Ian Wood

:: invite ::
Invite created by our open house committee students:
Carlos, Adrian, Erin, Sunil, Kristen
Please pass this message to all interested operatives

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2 Responses to “Interactive Multimedia Open House”

  1. Dan Zen Says:

    Thanks to Cossette for letting us host our open house in Toronto this year…

  2. Jayne Bingler Says:

    Looking forward to the event and meeting you, Kristen!

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