Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Group Visits TVO


Students in the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post-grad program in Oakville are given client projects where a group of four or five build an interactive feature or site for live clients. This term, one our clients is TVO (formerly TV Ontario) and our students, and professor Dan Zen, went for a visit to their office in Toronto. Bob Tarle, Innovation Program Manager, and our client project contact, led the tour.


We could tell that TVO and Bob are enthusiastic about convergence. On our tour, Bob must have greeted 50 people by name in many offices across many floors. The offices have been redesigned for openness and Bob’s has glass walls that are used by people as a white board – a glass board ;-). The results are encouraging. TVO is doing well in new areas such as podcasting and alternative platforms such as game platforms. We were also shown e-learning applications and samples of content on the Wii.

The students are prototyping a media player using Adobe Flash and AIR and the H.264 codec. Their visit really helped them see how their project will fit within TVO. Pictured above are the students: Danni, Corey, Jeff, Anissa and Kristen with Bob Tarle from TVO. Inventor, Professor, Dan Zen accompanies the students through the props room, various studios and the TVO Kids offices.

We would like to thank Bob and TVO for working with our students and giving such a great tour of their important institution. These types of arrangements are really very beneficial for all parties. We got a nice note back from Bob that shows the type of involvement and experience:

Hi All,

FYI – Your visit on Friday was a highlight of my week, thanks. We will want to have you back before the holiday or early in the new year to present the working widget to some internal stakeholders and answer any questions they may have. I also would like to solidify a visit to Oakville for late Friday afternoon of this week or early the following week. I know that this is a busy time for all of you but remember not to let up. Sleep and tv are highly overrated:)


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