Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Prepares for Adobe CS3 in September


The new IMM year is on its way.

Judging from our Alumni newsletter where we have compiled messages from our Interactive Multimedia grads, they have indeed been interactive with great jobs, vacations and families! Congratulations.


facebook community also extends communication amongst grads


We have had many companies asking for grads and in some cases we are hearing grumbles of not enough Flash developers, etc. And we are still accepting applications for this year! So now is your chance, if you are looking for an action packed, rewarding eight months to gain multimedia skills or update certain ones, please consider our program. We will be teaching Adobe CS3 with ActionScript 3 guaranteed for at least 3 years ;-). Of course our curriculum is set up to be platform independent but still it is nice to know that you are learning in a brand new environment.

Our program has so much to offer. We have dedicated, caring Professors – award winning in our industry and award winning grads. Our learning environment has resulted in amongst the highest KPI scores in the school (a way to measure student satisfaction). We encourage creativity and self expression. Students learn the skills but also explore why to use them and prepare for the future with pioneering mobile and gesture technologies. Our success in industry placement keeps growing and aiding future job placements. And graduates come out of the program with life long friends who have shared a challenging and wonderful experience.

To find out more about our program visit:


Over the summer our Professors keep active. Dan Zen has visited China where he taught lesson at CAFA, China’s leading art school in Beijing. His lessons inspired new graduate projects in the areas of gesture interactivity in Flash and brought them practical tools for lip synching animations, mixing and affecting video etc.

CAFA Class with Dan Zen at Presentation of Dan Zen Work

Dan Zen presents and lectures at CAFA in Beijing China


Dan Zen has also been working on a facebook application that takes all your friends and puts them in a party. The friends move around rooms with customizable backgrounds, talk to one another and have popularities. The application is slated to launch in September and is a Flash based visualization application integrated with the facebook application API. The Flash prototype front-end can be seen by clicking on the picture below – the data is sample data only.

party facebook application

upcoming facebook application


In preparing for CS3, of course he is reading Colin Moock’s ActionScript 3 book and has been building a sound and video visualization tool over the holidays that makes use of AS3’s native ability to capture sound frequencies! Finally! AS3 has a new architecture and runtime engine that allows it to run 10 times faster. And its Classes have been reorganized to split up the traditional MovieClip. To accomodate the changes, a more in-depth look at Object Oriented practices with Classes will be taught at the start of the school year rather than part way through the year.

One Response to “Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Prepares for Adobe CS3 in September”

  1. Win Day Says:

    I’m an IMM grad (class of 2001) So I know the level of expertise that the program produces. I am looking for an entry-level developer who is interested in working on a contract basis, at least at first. I have a number of projects booked already for the first half of 2008 and want someone with a minimum skill level who I can train up in the business.

    If you are an IMM grad, or will be this year, and are interested in doing some work on contract, please visit my website and use the contact form to get in touch with me.

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