Awards and Jobs, Jobs and Awards for Sheridan Grads



Sheridan Graduate, Ryan Andal, Accepts CNMA Award

Ryan Andal, Sheridan Interactive Multimedia 2005, won the 2007 Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year for sites like Evan Jones (2003) and team at Xenophile won for Excellence in Cross Platform for ReGenisis. Congratulations to both grads.


We had several runner-ups as well such as Corby Simpson for Programmer and Mark Shu and team at MGT Communications for the Bata Shoe Museum’s site for Excellence in Culture, Lifestyle Arts. MGT has just hired another of our grads and indeed the recent grads have been getting great positions at places like Dashboard working with clients like Axe, etc.


Now in their 7th year, the Canadian New Media Awards continues to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and companies in the Canadian new media industry. At the show was a wonderful mix of artists, designers, educators, coders, business and marketing representatives, etc. It was a very friendly atmosphere prompted in part by the Nerds Night Out theme. There was even a whole table full of penny candies with little take out baskets. Cameras were flashing all around – it was a perfect gala event in the luxurious Art Deco Karlu!

Sheridan was proud to present our work with Video Motion Capture. The exciting grad work (see our Interactive Interactive post) was shown by volunteers, Jeff Talon and Kim Cullion – thank you! And a special feature was created by Professor Dan Zen (Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002) to show digital Nerd signs above the guests as they walked by the Web cam. This was then projected so their nerd status was clearly seen by all at the reception.


Our Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad college program in Oakville, Canada has a mandate to train designers, programmers and managers in all three of these disciplines with an overall push towards creativity in the little understood area of interactive content. Skills are learned to handle graphics, text, animation, audio and video using leading and most current software. We will be using Adobe CS3 and ActionScript 3.0. Data for communication is handled with different databases and server languages like SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and C# in .NET. We also explore emerging technologies like mobile, DVD, video as input and interactive walls.

We are currently accepting applicants for the September term – please pass along this post to all whom may be interested.

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