Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Promotes Canadian Technology and Innovators Through Trade Shows in China


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia in Oakville, Canada has taken on an exciting project to promote Canadian digital technologies and innovators at trade shows in China.

The project was perceived and instigated by Lorraine Spiess, new media visionary and long-time promoter of Canada China relations – currently teaching Flash at CAFA, one China’s premiere art schools. We are hoping to extend the awareness in China of Canadian innovation beyond Norman Bethune – a paraphrase of Lorraine’s impetus.

The project is in conjunction with the Canadian Innovation project through the Consulate General of Canada. Shirley Ong, Vice Consul & Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada, Shanghai and Sandra Jiang, Trade Commissioner Assistant, Consulate General of Canada, Shanghai visited the Interactive Multimedia lab just recently to view the interactive works in progress. We forgot to take pictures – boo.

The projects are interactive works for display at trade shows but should also run in a demo mode or a presentation mode. They are primarily done in Flash and are incorporated into the traditional client project curriculum where a group of 3-5 students work on the project for a term (four months).

Lorraine was the acting client on last term’s Steve Mann project and this term’s Gesture Tek project. Doug Whitton from the Sheridan/York Design Degree program is the acting client for the Bill Buxton project. Dan Zen is coordinating the project from the Sheridan end and Ian Wood is teaching the Project Management course which helps guide the students through the process.

Below is a summary of the three projects to date:

STEVE MANN – Mediated Reality

Steve Mann

This website chronicles the ground-breaking innovation of Canadian inventor Steve Mann. Steve Mann was born in Ontario, Canada in 1962 and is most celebrated for his dynamic study and investigation of ‘Computer Mediated Realities’. Mann is considered by many to be the inventor of the wearable computer. The site outlines the philosophical, physical and historical development of the WearComp and the impact that it has on society as well as lets the user experience mediated reality through interactive video.

BILL BUXTON – Interface Technology

Bill Buxton

Making a site for an innovator and educator of interactive design is always a challenge – will we do it right… are we applying the many principles of our subject? Bill Buxton is one of the most inspiration speakers of our times as he brings us clarity on topics such as human centered design, big and small applications, multi-touch interaction and many more. He was the chief scientist at Alias Wavefront bringing him Hollywood awards, after winning the Time magazine design award he has become the Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research.

GESTURE TEK – Gesture Technology

Gesture Tek

This project showcases GestureTek and its magical gesture control technology through images, videos, written content, and interactive experience. The site is made in Flash as one single sliding panel that helps viewers feel like their gestures are important. Interviews with co-founder and visionary, Vincent Jon Vincent will be presented as well as gesture examples where viewers wave at a Web cam to interact.

Dan Zen

Professor, Industry Liason
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002


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