Robust Real 3D in Flash Finally!


3D in Flash

Just saw a talk at FITO and now know how to do robust real 3D in Flash! It is primarily AS3 based so we will be teaching it next September at Sheridan Interactive Multimedia in our Motion Graphics class. This post is just heads up as we have had a number of people enquiring and in the past and we said… not yet. But now we can say – in the upcoming year!


2 Responses to “Robust Real 3D in Flash Finally!”

  1. Carlo Says:

    Was it Pete’s presentation with the Mitsubishi logo? I wasn’t there but I worked with him at Mindblossom, he’s done crazier things with Papervision than that presentation, definitely a must for IMM.

  2. danzen Says:

    Right, the speaker was from Mind Blossom I think.

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