200 Personalized Video Cards in a Few Hours



I was just searching around for some video for my Vlog at http://www.zenvlog.com and came across my holiday message videos pictured above and decided to write a belated post on the experience.

I created a short video for each of the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia alumnus over the last five or six years and current students. I then put the video into a Zen Mix at http://www.zenmix.com which puts video on top of a picture (or another flash file) and lets you apply blend modes. These then got e-mailed out individually to each student.

With existing tools and some data processing skills, I created and sent out 200 personalized holiday video in a few hours. If you are interested in seeing the process for this, please visit the following mash. The mash, in this case, is a series of 8 mixes – each a minute or so long. A few get technical but it is worth persevering. You can click the little boxes on the Zen Mix logo to go directly from one mix to the next.

View the making of 200 personalized video cards in a few hours

You will see that the motion graphics tool called Zen Pan is used to pan across pictures as a background for the holiday cards. This and the Zen Mix tool itself and even the Alumnizer tool used for the sending can all be made with the skills learned in Sheridan Interactive Multimedia. It gives an indication of the power of Flash being able to work inside itself.


Dan Zen


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