Sheridan Interactive Multimedia At the Olympics


Natalia Rojas prepares the camera at the Olympic Excellence Series

Ian Buzon moves amongst the Olympic coaches

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia had the honor of assisting with Canada’s Olympic Team preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The IMM program was approached by Mike Christie of the Canadian Olympic Committee to video the 2006 Olympic Excellence Series being held in Collingwood, Ontario and produce a take-back highlight DVD. The four day seminar included team building activities for Canada’s best athletes, coaches, trainers and support staff. It was outstanding and the applied experience very rewarding for Sheridan’s students.

Three Sheridan students, Jason Reginbal-Kung, Ian Buzon and Natalia Rojas did the shoot with organizational help from the COC and Professor, Dan Zen. The students did an excellent job capturing just under 30 hours of video ranging from outdoor adventure activities to lectures, group work and dinners.

Two Canon GL2 Mini-DV cameras were used with sound coming in from the sound board. The audio visual crew at Blue Mountain (FiveStar AV) were superb and the whole event, along with the filming, went without any technical problems.

The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program has an Audio Video course where the basics of camera usage is learned – tripod, white balance, framing, lighting, sound, etc. This is a small part of the course as it primarily concentrates on interactive video including blending (VJing), branching (iTV), affecting (blend modes), cueing (transcription), and video as input for gesture control. In the second term, DVD authoring is addressed along with Editing in Adobe Premiere and effects in Adobe After Effects.

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia is a one year post-grad program in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Its mandate is to take in designers and programmers and cross-train them to program and design in an interactive multimedia environment where users can interact beyond navigation to create content and communicate. More information can be found at

Thank you to the COC for inviting Sheridan to collaborate with them on this unique project and a special thanks to our Deans and the students for the swift and positive action.

Jason Reginbal-Kung videos the podium

Mike Christie from the COC with Natalia, Dan and Jason

Sheridan Professor, Dan Zen, with Dashan the Chinese Linguist / Comedian


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