Interactive Media Grads Get Culturally Relevant Jobs


Over 20,000 people are employed full-time in Canada’s new media industry. The industry generates over two Billion Dollars in revenue per year. Eighty percent of the work generated is considered culturally relevant according to the a recent Canadian Interactive Media Producers’ Survey by Delvinia.

Despite the strength of the industry, the number of applications to interactive media programs has declined over the past few years. If this trend continues Canada will face a shortage of skilled professionals in the digital media field.

The Sheridan one-year post-grad Interactive Multimedia Program provides excellent training for developers and designers who want to create interactive environments with the Adobe / Macromedia suite, server scripting and more. Graduate testimonials, sample work, curriculum and application information can be found at:

Graduate success stories:

I am working at CBC as a Flash Developer making games for their kids and pre-school sites at and The Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan taught me how to be creative and use my imagination. Combining these skills with my technical knowledge, I am able to build fun, educational applications on the Internet for people to use. Making these applications for children and knowing the work that I am creating has a positive effect on them is very rewarding.

I am working at CHUM TV as web designer. I design event, show, promo sites and microsite for CHUM. The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia program provided the skills for different aspect of Web development from coding to design. This is important because in a design position, we work with developers and sometimes we are the developer. The skills that we learned give us the opportunity to go beyond design when we need to. Working with me at CHUM are three other Sheridan grads doing development and design – a testament to the quality of the grads and the program.

I work at the Royal Ontario Museum as a Web Programmer. With all the remarkable changes going on at the ROM, we are updating the Web site and consolidating our dynamic components to meet the need of our Museum staff, clients and visitors. I am currently creating event calendars, enrollment systems and surveys for the Museum and Web site. Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia program provided me with a competitive edge in the marketplace to obtain this position. Sheridan’s learning environment is fun and productive and its diverse material has given me the knowledge to solve both design and programming related problems.

If you are interested in our program, please contact us at or visit for more information.

Dan Zen
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Professor & Industry Liaison
Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002

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