Interactive Interactive 2006 – McMaster and Sheridan Multimedia Art On Futuristic Interactive Projection Screens


On Friday February 24, 2006, Hamilton Artists Inc. presented an interactive multimedia show of McMaster and Sheridan multimedia student works. All types of work were eligible from experimental art to functional Websites with the focus being more on creativity and interactivity.

Event Pictures | Student Works | Jury Information

The projects were shown on SMART board screens and the public operated the projects by using their finger on the screen. The boards are used by the Professors of Interactive Multimedia at Sheridan.

Anthony Sap was the winner from McMaster for his Watching the Script Application and Courtney’s Adventure by Darian Milloy was the winner for Sheridan. Congratulations all on your excellent work.

Thank you to the students, the judges, sponsors Mixed Media art store at 174 James Street North, Professors Dan Zen and Robert Hamilton and McMaster and Sheridan for their support – Doug, Ian and Jennifer for promotions. And special thanks to Steve, Jessica, from the Inc. and Mike for physical set up; Mark Galaszkiewicz for the technical set up.

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