Sheridan Grad Wins CNMA Graduate Of The Year


Sheridan Interactive Multimedia graduate, Evan Jones has won Graduate of the Year in the 5th annual Canadian New Media Awards to be held on May 30th, 2005 at The Carlu in Toronto.

Evan also accepted the award for Excellence in Cross Platform for his work on ReGenesis Extended Reality at Xenophile. In the Interactive Multimedia program Evan explored extended reality games and it is wonderful to see his interests rewarded.

“Evan received the loudest applause from the audience when his name was called. He has successfully worked his way into the hearts of the industry with his poise, passion and skills.” reports Dan Zen, winner of the 2002 Programmer of the Year Award and Evan’s Professor, who was asked to present the Pixel Award for the category.

Evan is currently an interactive media producer at Xenophile Media. His education at Sheridan College in Interactive Multimedia and experience as Production Manager in community radio prepared him for the Canadian Film Centre’s Interactive Art & Entertainment Programme at the H@bitat New Media Lab. During these intensive programmes combining interactive media theory with collaborative production, Evan developed projects ranging across narrative console gaming, interactive historical documentary and his undergraduate thesis–a improvisational jazz neural network algorithm. The Canadian Film and Television Producer’s Association recognized his talents in the form of a CTV Cross-Media Internship with Xenophile Media where he became Associate Producer and Creative Director for the ReGenesis Extended Reality game produced in collaboration with Shaftesbury Films. Evan is also Director of Public Relations for the Flash in the Can Festival and Director of the FITC Awards showcasing Canadian interactive media internationally.

“IMM gave me the knowledge and skills necessary to make my ideas a reality in New Media. The challenges I faced and collaborations I formed, taught me practical information and motivated me to push the technical and creative barriers in this sector.” Says Evan about the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia Program.

He was one of the two Sheridan Grads to be finalists in the category. Amy Allcock who supported Web initiatives at the ROM and currently is doing e-learning applications for Queens University was the other. “This is indicative of graduate success. Our graduates are winning awards, and working in important positions in the industry” says Sheridan Professor Andrew Smyk. “80% of this year’s graduates have found positions already so the industry has picked up”.

Evan Jones Receives Graduate Award from Dan Zen


Every year, hundreds of new media professionals submit nominations for Canadian New Media Awards and a panel of esteemed industry experts collaborate online to select the finalists. This year’s cross-country Selection Committee consisted of 126 judges, representing private, public and non-profit sectors and included several finalists and winners from previous years.

More information about the 2005 winners can be found on:

For further information, please contact:
Tannis Wengel & Jennifer Throop
Co-Producers, Canadian New Media Awards
Direct line: 416.760.6800


The Sheridan one year post-grad Interactive Multimedia Program lets students combine programming and design to make Web applications and tools; games and puzzles; artistic and experimental work; and simulations for education and entertainment. Graduates can do everything from audio visual and motion graphics to database communications and multi-user applications.

Applications to the program are accepted until the end of the summer. Successful applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please contact or visit for information on how to apply to this exciting and ever-changing field.

Dan Zen
Sheridan Interactive Multimedia
Professor & Industry Liaison
Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002


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