Computer Programmers Explore Their Creative Side


“I learned how to program so that I could make tanker trailer weight distributions and learned about databases to build a patent renewal and billing system.” exclaims Dan Zen, Professor at Sheridan in the Interactive Multimedia Program.

“But then came the 1995 CD ROM, Understanding McLuhan, where all of a sudden I was controlling audio and video with my programming code and building games and e-learning environments to let people communicate. I found this a thousand times more interesting and varied. I know there are many programmers out there who will feel the same way.”

If you want to program the creative edge of content, Interactive Multimedia may be for you. If you are interested in designing environments in which people can make their own content and communicate with one another, then please visit our site to find out more.

The Sheridan one year post-grad Interactive Multimedia program combines programming and design to make games and puzzles; Web applications and tools; artistic and experimental work; and simulations for education and entertainment. Graduates can do everything from audio visual and motion graphics to database communications and multi-user applications.

Applications will be accepted until the end of the summer. Successful applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please contact or visit for information on how to apply to this exciting and ever-changing field.

Apply now and use your programming skills to propel Canada in the digital arena.

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