Seeing The Future Through The Past


Bill Buxton of Alias | Wavefront fame reminded us at the recent Digifest conference that “Technologies take 20 years to reach fruition”. Many technologies of the day are based on the work of pioneers.

Dan Zen, Professor at Sheridan in the Interactive Multimedia Program, was at Digifest preparing for this year’s newly launched Multimedia Pioneering course in which emerging technologies are examined.

“It is great seeing technologies like Steve Mann’s mediated reality eye-glasses and digital walls of OLED screens but often the pioneers are looking for people to make content for their platforms.” says Dan Zen. “Our interactive multimedia graduates are the perfect candidates for such ventures with their background in creating interactive environments through design and programming.”

The ten technologies featured in this year’s multimedia pioneering course included Virtual Reality, Mobile Technologies, Immersion Screens, Mediated Reality, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Among the prominent speakers were the Governor General’s Award Winning artist, David Rokeby speaking on Interactive Installations; Cyborg, James Fung, on pattern recognition in Mediated Reality; Macklin Williams, New Media Award co-winner for her interactive architecture tools.

Students went on visits to pioneering locations such as the Immersion Studios in Toronto and our own Sheridan Immersion Studios. Speakers brought working demos such as Vincent Jon Vincent creator of JesterTech software who provided a green screen virtual reality set letting learners see themselves onscreen and use their actions as an interface to games such as to save soccer balls.

For more information please see the individual press releases on the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia site:

The Sheridan one year post-grad Interactive Multimedia program also provides courses in Web and Disc authoring and design using primarily Macromedia and Adobe software. They combine programming and design to make Web applications and tools; games and puzzles; artistic and experimental work; and simulations for education and entertainment. Graduates can do everything from audio visual and motion graphics to database communications and multi-user applications.

Applications will be accepted until the end of the summer. Successful applicants are accepted on a first come first serve basis. Please contact or visit for information on how to apply to this exciting and ever-changing field.

Apply now and help build Canada’s pioneering future.


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