In_Situ Co-Founder Opens Walls To New Media In Architecture


Maclin Williams, Co-founder of In_Situ, brought to light advances in Architecture as architects move to create digital walls with OLED technology. There was brief exloration of visualization tools such as In_Situ which superimposes upcoming architecture on existing architecture through augmented reality making it the winner of the Design Exchange / National Post New Media Award. But the main focus of the engagement was on how the end user will be able to use digital media in their environments.

This topic goes beyond “Smart” homes where conveniences are found through digital interfaces and monitoring. We are looking at completely immersing occupants in a digital environment of their choosing or of someone else’s choosing. We can provide digital floors that leave footprints or echo footprints – real or customized. Our walls might make it seem as if we are in the middle of a Toronto sidewalk or a Dundas forest and allow us to superimpose and mix with a gesture of the hand.

The students are already thinking about prototyping in Flash and Director for such a world. Best of luck to them turning their visions into reality. After all it is our role to build environments so we are well prepared to become the architects of this century.

Learners prepared McLuhan Tetrads for Multimedia Installations based on the talk and on in-class research and presentations. The Tetrads are available at: Learners analyzed what the technology enhances, makes obsolete, retrieves and flips into. The lecture / lab experience is part of the Sheridan Multimedia Pioneering course where a new technologies with respect to Interactive Multimedia are examined and working samples are explored. The technologies are:

  • The Web
  • Online Communities
  • Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia Installations
  • Immersive Screens
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mediated Reality and Wearable Computing
  • Peer-to-peer Chat and File Sharing
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Disk Technologies
  • Architecture – Digital Walls, Smart Homes & Walk-throughs
  • Microsoft Longhorn Operating System
  • Course Coordinator: Professor Dan Zen
    For further inquiries please contact

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