Jim Carroll Explains the Bursting Tech Bubble


Jim Carroll the noted Tech/Media Futurist and Author visited the Sheridan Interactive Multimedia labs to take learners through a history of multimedia and tech trends and to help learners understand the current caution in the tech and media industry. The reasons for this caution were carefully presented so that learners can benefit from the past. His predictions for the future tended towards the Web being accessible to remote units for specific reasons such as downloading and playing music from devices in the house or car.

Jim Carroll’s experience is listed on his Website at http://www.jimcarroll.com. His clients include many of the world’s leading organizations, including companies such as Microsoft, American Express, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing company, VISA, Cleveland World Trade Center, the Electronic Transaction Assn, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, KPMG, Monsanto, Deloitte & Touche, International PrePress Association, Nortel Networks, J.D. Edwards, the American Academy of Ophthalmologists, the American Payroll Association, the World Congress of Assn Executives, IBM …and more.

Learners prepared McLuhan Tetrads for the Web based on the talk and on in-class research and presentations. The Tetrads are available at: http://imm.sheridanc.on.ca/tetrads/web.html. Learners analyzed what the technology enhances, makes obsolete, retrieves and flips into. The lecture / lab experience is part of the Sheridan Multimedia Pioneering course where a new technologies with respect to Interactive Multimedia are examined and working samples are explored. The technologies are:

  • The Web
  • Online Communities
  • Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia Installations
  • Immersive Screens
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mediated Reality and Wearable Computing
  • Peer-to-peer Chat and File Sharing
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Disk Technologies
  • Architecture – Digital Walls, Smart Homes & Walk-throughs
  • Microsoft Longhorn Operating System
  • Course Coordinator: Professor Dan Zen
    For further inquiries please contact imm@sheridanc.on.ca


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