Dynamic Ideas Spring From IMM Minds and Monitors


Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Interactive Multimedia Spring Open House 2003

Forty students have spent a four month term forming fresh ideas into fantastic interactive features to be displayed on SMART board touch projection screens. The IMM open house is near and as eagerly awaited as spring.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
12 PM to 7 PM
Rooms S138 and S139
SCAET, Sheridan Oakville Campus
1430 Trafalgar Road – Cerimonial RoadClient projects and personal portfolios will be presented with interactive slideshows that in themselves exemplify the dynamic site environments created by our post-grad students. You can actually use their slideshow tool to create your own interactive slideshows.

A premiere of a collaborative site called STRINGLE will demonstrate advanced work in text manipulation leading uses such as production parsing and artificial intelligence. Speaking of artificial intelligence, all portfolios will have Flash guides connected to databases for communication. Communication is a key focus of this final term with the creation of interactive environments through the Director Multi-user Engine and the just released Flash Communication Server for real-time interaction and video streaming.

Output from our new Research Project course includes such titles as:

Flash For Mobile Devices
Interactive Storytelling
Interactivity And Revisits
Multi-user Gaming With Flash Communication Server
Pixel Art And The World Wide Web
Psychology Of The Internet
Augmenting Training With VR
Broadcast Graphics
DVD Interface Design And The Market
Designing For The Pocket PC
Flash And XML SocketsThere will be live Web Video coverage of the event on Newslink@5, produced by Sheridan’s Journalism – New Media students. Come mingle with students, clients, colleagues, and even Miss Canada whom you will see in the list below is one of this term’s clients:

Spark – Sheridan Digital Media Incubator
TBM Technologies
Mississauga Technology Association
Miss Canada / Miss Teen Canada
Earth Rangers
Cathim Security Inc
Hatch – Technical Stratigic Services
Industry Standard / Toronto Fashion WeekAlso attending the opening will be tours of industry dignitaries who are visiting to see the in-progress site of Spark – Sheridan’s new Digital Media Incubator. The incubator will provide space and services for entrepreneurs and is currently accepting tenant applications. Information will be relayed at the open house about Sheridan’s other digital media programs and the Visualization Design Institute, all housed in the SCAET building.

Companies looking for leading edge, well rounded, creative people are encouraged to attend. Students of artistic or programming backgrounds are also encouraged to attend to see what could be in store for them in the pioneering field of Interactive Multimedia. All are welcome.

Dan Zen

Professor & Coordinator of Curriculum
Canadian New Media Awards Programmer of the Year 2002
Interactive Multimedia
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

For further inquiries please contact imm@sheridanc.on.ca


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